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The Headache Center of Northeastern New York

The  Headache  Center of Northeastern NY was established June 3, 2003 in response to the need for a comprehensive headache treatment program in northeastern  New York.  The first and only center of its kind in the Capital District is staffed by Bruno P. Tolge, MD and Victor G. Bruce, PA.  Members of the American Headache Society, National Headache Foundation and Headache Cooperative of  New England, our practitioners are trained and experienced in the diagnosis and management of headache disorders.

Headaches are very common brain disorders that may cause symptoms that limit a person's ability to perform daily activities.  Some people can treat headache attacks as they occur, while others require daily preventive medications.  To determine the best approach for each individual, an extensive history, physical and educational process is required.

When an appointment is made, the patient is sent a packet of forms that need to be completed before the visit to assist in developing a treatment plan.  The packet contains a headache history, medical history (both double-sided) and a headache calendar.  It is extremely important that the patient open their packet as soon as it arrives, since calendars should be started immediately to help develop a program specific to the individual patient.  To be successful in treating headaches, the patient's participation in the process is required, and this includes collecting and documenting the frequency, intensity and response to medications on the calendar.  The initial evaluation will be scheduled for at least 60 minutes.  During this appointment a complete headache, neurological and medical history and physical will be performed.  The patient will then be asked to complete a psychological/pain inventory test and headache disability scales.  The initial treatment plan can then be discussed and formulated.  The treatment process may utilize prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals and non-pharmacological approaches.  The Headache Center has a working relationship with psychologists for Behavioral Cognitive Therapy, Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists for neck-related issues. 

For more information or to find out how to make an appointment call (518) 381-9202.

Bruno P. Tolge, MD, FAAN, FAHA  & Victor G. Bruce, PA.C

The Headache Center